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Information about Greg "Ritallin" Frankson, spoken word artist, activist and social innovator

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Artist. Activist. Social Innovator.

Since 2003, Greg Frankson, also known as Ritallin, has been sharing accessible, lyrically appealing, socially conscious poetry for audiences young and old. He has travelled across Canada and internationally in pursuit of his personal mission: 
To present the vision that inspires others to positively change the world.


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a weekly dose of ritallin

A Weekly Dose of Ritallin is a curated selection of Greg Frankson's original works as presented over two years on Here and Now Toronto. The A Weekly Dose of Ritallin segment cracked open Toronto with soulfully intelligent, locally invested and socially conscious poetry every Thursday afternoon at 4:20. This edition of Greg’s lyrical commentaries include moments, memories, news and issues that defined Toronto and the times. These poems share snapshots of an apocalyptic, exhilarating time in Canadian history through the lens of one of the nation's most insightful social commentators. Ritallin's poems vibrate on the page. The poems were initially heard on radio but re-reading reveals deeper meaning and subtler nuances that may have been missed. Experience Ritallin's visceral impact in tangible form with online links to access the original audio files. Topical, current, diverse and unabashedly challenging, A Weekly Dose of Ritallin is the best of our contemporary affairs as chronicled and shared live on the airwaves over two amazing years.

“Ritallin's spoken word hits you like a slap in the face. If we could channel the energy his words create, we wouldn't need a pipeline. His poems are enlightening, fierce and fearless.”

Laura Di Battista, author of IF IT BLEEDS, IT LEADS and former CBC Here and Now Toronto host


"Greg Frankson's poetry has great repeat value, to put it into gaming terms: you want to hear his poetry over and over, because each performance offers you a different nuance you might not have caught the first time around. His skill at bringing stories to life through his words is both compelling and inspirational."

David Silverberg, Digital Journal Managing Editor & Founder, Toronto Poetry Project


“He was an amazing spoken word performer. His moving performance has inspired me to write more poetry.”

Grade 9 student, Marc Garneau CI, Toronto ON


“I am blessed to have had the honour of hearing Greg perform his magic.  He is an absolutely amazing poet who weaved together the essence of the conference with his words each and every day and brought the audience to their feet. His poetry was a highlight of this event. The rhythm and beauty of his words was mesmerizing. I'm glad to have met and made friends with this cool and wonderfully sincere man. I hope to bring him to an event in my area sometime soon."

Andrea Stewart, PEI Delegate, 2008 Routes to Freedom Conference, Ottawa


“Several students commented that Greg’s visit had made them consider things differently and the impact of this discussion extended beyond the classroom as the students continued to reflect upon and share their thoughts about their experience with Greg. The teacher [in the class] said that he was impressed with the level of discussion that his students produced and what they were willing to share.”

Kenra Mroz, Teacher, Sir Robert Borden HS, Nepean ON


"Ritallin’s a drug. [Greg] Frankson’s a voice to be heard. Get yourself some."

Donna Gagnon, The Write Idea