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Information about Greg "Ritallin" Frankson, spoken word artist, activist and social innovator



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a weekly dose of ritallin (2015)

A Weekly Dose of Ritallin is a curated selection of Greg Frankson's original works as presented over two years on Here and Now Toronto. The A Weekly Dose of Ritallin segment cracked open Toronto with soulfully intelligent, locally invested and socially conscious poetry every Thursday afternoon at 4:20. This edition of Greg’s lyrical commentaries include moments, memories, news and issues that defined Toronto and the times. These poems share snapshots of an apocalyptic, exhilarating time in Canadian history through the lens of one of the nation's most insightful social commentators. Ritallin's poems vibrate on the page. The poems were initially heard on radio but re-reading reveals deeper meaning and subtler nuances that may have been missed. Experience Ritallin's visceral impact in tangible form with online links to access the original audio files. Topical, current, diverse and unabashedly challenging, A Weekly Dose of Ritallin is the best of our contemporary affairs as chronicled and shared live on the airwaves over two amazing years.

lead on a page: the poetic leadership of a laureate (2012)

A. Gregory Frankson, also known as Ritallin, provides a poetic form of leadership within the global mental health movement - a movement that seeks improved services, greater awareness, reduced stigma and full acceptance for consumers / survivors / service users no matter where they live in the world.

the great black north: contemporary african canadian poetry (2013)

The Great Black North is a contemporary remix of the story of Black Canada. Told through the intertwining tapestry of poetic forms found on the page and stage, The Great Black North presents some missing pieces of the jigsaw puzzle that help fit together a poetic picture of the Black Canadian experience. Many African Canadians know their history in North America since the 17th century. However, the rest of the world may be unaware of the history of enslaved Africans and slave auctions north of the 49th parallel, as well as the free Blacks, Loyalists and Maroons who made their journeys to the “promised land” of Canada. The Great Black North should be a valuable resource for the preservation of culture that is written and/or performed as dub poetry, spoken word and slam.

that not forgotten (2012)

That Not Forgotten , edited by Bruce Kauffman, is a collection of poetry and prose by authors living in the North Shore Series geographic area, Port Hope to Kingston on the north shore of Lake Ontario. The almost 400 pages in That Not Forgotten published by Hidden Brook Press, have rallied together to paint a deeply personal portrait hand-tipped with nostalgia. That Not Forgotten will easily be one of the most important Ontario anthologies for many years to come.