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Information about Greg "Ritallin" Frankson, spoken word artist, activist and social innovator


Image Credits

The work of photographers should always be acknowledged. Greg is grateful to the artists listed on this page for capturing his image in various settings over the course of his career.


Banner photo by Jay Lolli Photography
Artwork by Kalkidan Assefa

About Greg

Banner photo by Leilah Vayid
Inset photo by Charles Earl

About Ritallin - Artist

Banner photo by Julie Paré
Inset photo by Michelle Darby

About Ritallin - Activist

Banner photo by Marko Shark
Inset photo courtesy of Greg Frankson

About Ritallin - Social Innovator

Banner photo courtesy of CBC Ottawa
Inset photo by Evil Patrick Shannon at Verses Festival of Words 2014

His Work - TED Talks

Banner photo courtesy of

His Work - Watch

Banner photo by Alyssa Ginsburg

His Work - Listen

Inset photo courtesy of The Kitchissippi Times, Ottawa


Banner photo by Tyf Shum


Banner photo by Kim Saltarski at CBC Toronto


Banner photo by Meghan Balogh, Loyalist College


Banner photo by Alyssa Ginsburg (enhanced by Greg Frankson)
Ritallin artwork by Kevin Matthews

Image Credits

Banner photo by Kristy Westendorp