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Game One’s Done Son (A Poem About Raptors-Sixers Game 2)


Game One’s Done Son (A Poem About Raptors-Sixers Game 2)

Greg Frankson

eighty-two games’ worth of practice led at last to Toronto’s postseason run
with determination to grab a gold trophy this franchise has never won
predictably, the media focused on what they still hadn’t done
and fans in the stands knew the history of the Raptors in Game One
ran out of Magic in tragic fashion a fortnight ago, but that flicked on a light
so that over five games like five fingers of a Klaw the team held tight
delivered skill, speed and energy with a Spicy P overhand right
that destroyed Orlando’s hoops kingdom to a rapper’s delight 

but all that meant was the path ahead would grow harder to traverse
for the team from Lowry’s birthplace nurtures ambitions that they Nurse 
in spite of a Nick to their slick and sublime superstar at the centre
of their championship hopes – so we go to Scotiabank to enter
the Arena of battle, both squads coming off winning five-game sets
the Sixers earned first-round liberty at the expense of the Nets
but … this ain’t Brooklyn son, it’s the land north of the border
check your passports and your guts ‘cause the second round’s come to order 

all the hoopla around who’s squad will take the first battle of starting fives
quickly gave way to dominant play from the greatest two-way player alive
because what you gonna do when Playoff Kawhi’s coming for you
and your postseason dreams are Green like the North’s sniper from the two
people cast aspersions on these former Spurs’ virgin run with the Raps
but they served better than a Butler who defensively couldn’t shut off the taps
the Raptors’ flow on offense cut up Philly like leftover Easter ham
while Gasol’s Marc inside the paint got Processed out of the game plan 

so here we stand breathlessly anticipating the second round’s second act
first blood’s been drawn – so expect to be ruthlessly counterattacked
the talent, tempo and intensity ratcheting up like a Simmonds drive
two heavyweights in mortal combat where only the strongest will survive 
‘cause that’s what’s truly at steak against Philly – it’s than just the cheese
this city’s infected with playoff fever and there’s just one cure for this disease
the Sixers are in the way and the Raptors know exactly what to do:
prove their strength by creaming Philadelphia at home in Game Two. 

© A. Gregory Frankson, 2019. All rights reserved.