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44 Gratitudes: #4 - Intellect and Education


44 Gratitudes: #4 - Intellect and Education

Greg Frankson

Number four in my running series of 44 Gratitudes is my intellect and education. My mom stressed that I needed to nurture and develop my mind and insisted that attending postsecondary education was mandatory. Because of this directive, I earned two university degrees and, later, a post-graduate certificate in coaching for performance and mentorship.

However, there are many ways to gain an education and exercise one’s intellect. In today’s day and age, understanding and being aware while using the online resources at our disposal is a key indicator of how much success a person can expect to experience. Therefore, I’m posting an oldie but goodie from my personal collection of poems — a piece I used to perform more regularly than any other poem in my repertoire. Here it is (with a few small tweaks) for your enjoyment and edification:

Music Box

there are three types of people in the world today
those in the game, those who watch, and those oblivious to the play
which one are you? just wait a second, i want to get this on tape
my music box records the paradox of life’s true shape

back in the days when television was a novelty set
and radio was still the king and the best way for you to get
all of your news and information on the state of the world
we used imaginative methods – mental images swirled

but now today you pay for Google Play and then plug your ears
pump up the volume as the über-rich exploit your worst fears
and the cable news networks distort with overblown speakers
play foxy games while they maintain the left is making us weaker
posting photos in our magazines our young girls see
who starve themselves emaciated to be the best they can be
boys join the army and disarm their brains to aid Uncle Sam
a plan to cram you full of fear like when they toppled Saddam
to steal the black gold and grab hold of the sceptre of power
except the spectre devours – our perspective is soured
now we expect that these hours and days of self-aggrandizing praise
delays the onset of ways for us to fight our malaise 
we’re lazy intellectually and we’re ruled by the smug
so we deserve our automation – get that matrix re-plugged
now just make sure to get an online stream at premium fees
then binge watch over and over – the world is just as it seems

no, no, no … wait for it a second … 
and click the pause button … now think about this …

the reprehensible, invincible principled thinking now 
that they could pull the indefensible suppressing the crowd
and if you think that you can take it bring it up some decibels
repress for redress and think it’s justifiable
to see the mad maniacal inspired and defiant
keep your player on the pause and know now that you are compliant
aid and abet oppression of expression of depression
teaching me lessons from sessions of your evil indiscretions
and when i ask the questions you’re telling me straight
to just believe in what i’m hearing and accept without debate 

but i’m a media savvy intelligent writer of prose
and when i compose the strength of my script will decompose
the terrible hypocrisy smeared across the globe
pick up my chamois clean the house and use my lyrics to probe
the inner depths of meglo-media engaging in fraud
it plays loud and fast and popular so we will applaud
even though the music’s mass produced by boobs in the booth
it’s lip synched and synthesized, anaesthetizing the truth
fast forward through another day of watching the tube
frying your brains with radiation that machines will exude
our lives are like runaway trains – never stopping, out of control
gathering speed of their momentum, squealing wheels on a roll

think about the things i’m saying – what are the games that we play
is the world a game of risk or are we too board to say
the entertaining litany that assails us daily on the news
leaves us with westernized morality seriously disabused
of a desire to help our brothers and our sisters in need
now we must act to counteract with hastiness and due speed

so STOP! all of the craziness and madness of war
and STOP! our governments from acting just as before
mother nature’s under attack, we’re assaulting the creator
take up the media, it’s in your hands to press play on the player
YouTube, dvd’s, Blue Ray, vinyl and all
Vimeo and online streams – whichever way that you ball
step on the court and bring your music box and spread out the word
and see those players nod their heads from the message they heard
the tunes that we are pumping out are produced by demand
remand the vicious with the contraband, and fist up your hand
to smash the vessels that empower those who hold undue sway
over the people’s information that they seek every day
victory will go to those who make the second-last mistake
so play the music of love with volume so foundations will shake

there are three types of people in the world today
those in the game, those who watch, and those oblivious to the play
which one are you? just wait a second, i want to get this on tape
my music box rocks the orthodox to take a new shape. 

© A. Gregory Frankson, 2005 and 2019. All rights reserved.



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