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POEM: Invisible Master

Greg Frankson

Today is Remembrance Day in Canada. I am not one who advocates for war, but I do appreciate and respect the sacrifices made historically by members of Canada's armed forces. Today is the day we pay respect to their memories, and so I am posting my poem "Invisible Master" from my first collection of poetry, Cerebral Stimulation, as my way of commemorating them.

as darkness turns to light
yawning day steps forth from night
stretching out across the earth
brightening beams give land new birth
i can hear distant clicking
of shoes striking concrete
the noise it makes
is neither brash nor discreet

here they come

on the horizon i can see
the brave, marching infantry
buttons gleaming in the glow
of Sol’s resplendent lumen show
the light sweetly caresses
like a gently crooned tune
as the lines pass me by
young ladies faint and swoon

faster, faster

they march solemnly and straight
never stopping to berate
young boys chasing at their heels
soon they’ll know just how it feels
when the time has come
to replace our fallen youth
only then will they see
the sad, inevitable truth

there they go

as they march quickly past
into adulthood gained too fast
parents sit and contemplate
upon their children’s present fate
and the soldiers in the line
marching left, right, left
also consider their own futures
of which some may soon be bereft

spirited on

down to the battle lines they go
momentum shifting to and fro
bullets whizzing by their heads
as they advance and mourn the dead
under gentle blue skies
where birds soar amongst the clouds
an entire generation
harvested by lethal ploughs

there they go
faster, faster
spirited on to
the supreme master

how will mankind ever learn
if we just kill, destroy and burn
let others duplicate the past
and make sure true peace never lasts
when the bugle sounds its melody
above the bombed terrain
i close my eyes and pray to God
it never happens again

here they come
faster, faster
spared at last from
sure disaster.

from Cerebral Stimulation, published by BeWrite Books
© A. Gregory Frankson, 2005. All rights reserved.