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Culture Days in The Queen City


Culture Days in The Queen City

Greg Frankson

This morning I woke up here in Regina for the first time since featuring at the 2013 Cathedral Village Arts Festival. For the next three days I will be involved in the local Culture Days celebrations that have swept right across the country. Here in The Queen City, I will be involved in the following four events:

Autumn Fest Spoken Word / Performance Workshop - Friday 4-6pm @ Queen City Hub
Autumn Fest Poetry Slam - Friday 7:30pm @ The Mercury Café & Grill
Autumn Fest Words in the Park with Open Mic - Saturday 11am-2pm @ Victoria Park
Speak Up Spoken Word Workshop (co-facilitated with Shayna Stock) - Sunday 3-5pm

Then I'm hopping on a plane back to Toronto. 

I love coming to this city because of the unbelievable hospitality I receive at the hands of Vertigo Series producer Tara Solheim. I can't thank her enough for opening her home to me and throwing impromptu parties with her siblings! Truly, coming to Regina is a highlight for me because of the way local organizers treat their guests, so thank you to everyone for that wonderful treatment.

I'm keen to see what Regina has to offer poetically. Let's do this!