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Information about Greg "Ritallin" Frankson, spoken word artist, activist and social innovator


About Greg Frankson

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Greg Frankson was raised in Scarborough, Ontario by his single mother, who taught him the value of education, hard work and perseverance. She knew that if he was ever going to make anything of himself, he would have to work twice as hard to have half of the privileges of others. She also taught him to be strong so he could push through barriers and obstacles in a world where Black men are not expected to succeed. He has never forgotten these lessons. They shaped his path and influenced who he has become.

As a first-generation Canadian of Jamaican descent, Greg has experienced negative impacts of prejudice, discrimination and racism, and has learned how to endure and thrive. He has also enjoyed the moments when those who sought to deny him based on aspects of his personal story were disappointed by his success.

Since 1990, Greg has left a mark in every community he has called home through his work in education, the arts and political activism. He is a proud Queen's alumnus, highly accomplished spoken word artist-organizer, and award-winning social activist. More importantly, he is passionate about social change, dedicated to community service and intent on leaving a positive legacy for his three daughters.

In January 1999, Greg attended the State of the World Forum for Emerging Leaders in Monterrey, Mexico where he witnessed speeches by Nobel laureates Oscar Arias, Jody Williams and Archbishop Desmond Tutu. When he returned to Canada, Greg made a commitment to present the vision that inspires others to positively change the world. This optimistic and community-focused approach is at the root of every major decision he makes, guiding his heart and actions at every step of the journey.